Naked Raku

Naked Raku is a decorative technique for finishing ceramic works.  The bisque fired pot is painted with a white slip (liquid clay) and then covered with a raku glaze. The surface can be incised with a design or left plain. The piece is placed in a gas kiln and heated until the glaze starts to melt.  It is then removed with tongs and placed in a metal receptacle containing sawdust and newsprint.  These elements catch fire and blacken the untreated parts of the object.  The glaze cracks because of the thermal shock of the temperature change.  Smoke enters the cracks and colours the object randomly.  There is no way of predicting how this colouring with smoke will turn out, which is part of the charm and originality of each piece.  Unlike conventionally glazed work, the effect is soft and tactile.
raku flames
Here are some examples of my naked raku work.
                                                            Horse and Rider                                           Raku dancer                                                    raku cat
    and some glazed raku work
                                                            RakuEggs                                                                             Raku bear